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The electronic toilet in Japan that does the wiping cleaning for you.

Have you heard about this toilet? It's awesome. It can wash your bum and even dry it if you can figure out how to use the buttons. And some of them have heated seats too. And if you haven't tried yet you'll be excited when you do. Yes, water is more hygenic than toilet paper. So it may take some getting used to, but it's more hygenic.

This is one of the great things about Japan. You can also find these in other places too such as Korea or other nearby countries, but Japan is noted for this and could have been the pioneer.

But don't get excited yet.

Because these toilets are less common.

More often you'll have to squat.

More common are squat toilets (at least in public restrooms).

It can be challenging for some, but it's more of a natural position for your body and you don't have to touch anything. 

How to use a squat toilet in Japan

There is a slight variation to the Japanese squat toilet. Some squat toilets don't have that little splash guard or bubble looking thing.

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